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Peruvian Maca 150 Vegetable Capsules of 450 mg Extract 20:1

Peruvian Maca 150 Vegetable Capsules of 450 mg Extract 20:1

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Increase muscle mass and libido!

The Peruvian Maca supplement 150 Vegetable Capsules of 450 mg Extract 20:1 , 100% vegan, features a superior formula with a high concentration of Maca to increase muscle performance and libido.

.. Performance, Strength, Vigour, physical and mental energy ..
Pure Peruvian Maca Extract supplement. It contains all the most important nutritional principles, essential for our body. Rich in amino acids, salts, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fatty acids and fibre.

150 Vegetable Capsules (each capsule contains 450 mg of Pure Yellow Maca with no other added ingredients)

The properties of Peruvian Maca contribute to:

✔️ Promote both male and female fertility.
✔️ Support sexuality.
✔️ Invigorating and energizing action
✔️ Counteract anxiety and depression.
✔️ Improve physical or intellectual activity.
✔️ Help increase muscle mass and tone.

✔️ Act positively on the nervous system and strengthen the immune system.
✔️ Counteract all flu symptoms such as fever, cough and cold.
✔️ Promote the balancing action of the hormonal system .
✔️ Recommended in the treatment of anemia.
✔️ For Men: It can promote the improvement of male performance.
✔️ For Women: Useful against menstrual discomfort, pre-menstrual syndrome and much more.

Contents: 150 vegetable capsules of 450 mg total each. Extract 20:1.
Characteristic: Single ingredient, without other ingredients, pure Maca (only active ingredient).
How to use: 1 capsule per day. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

💖HIGH CONCENTRATION OF MACA: our Peruvian Maca food supplement, 100% vegan and natural, has a superior formula with the highest concentration of Peruvian Maca on the market. These superfoods help boost athletic performance, muscle mass, and libido. As adaptogens, they help regulate anxiety and increase resistance to disease and stress, reduce tiredness and fatigue, and increase energy levels.

✨UNIQUE FORMULATION: the carefully selected ingredients make Peruvian Maca a unique and highly effective supplement. We have enriched our formula with zinc to maintain testosterone levels in the body. Peruvian Maca increases athletic performance and muscle recovery, as well as improving blood circulation and male potency. Vitamins, on the other hand, promote the formation of antibodies and strengthen the immune system.

💊 100% NATURAL SUPPLEMENT IN VEGETABLE CAPSULES: the product is processed in vegetable capsules rather than tablets to provide maximum concentration. The capsule formulation minimizes the use of caking agents and reduces intestinal irritation, maximizing the absorption of the active ingredients. All ingredients are free of GMOs, toxic substances, artificial colors and preservatives, gluten, dairy products and sugar.

🥇PRODUCT CERTIFIED ACCORDING TO EUROPEAN QUALITY STANDARDS: Maca is a 100% natural and vegan supplement produced in specialized laboratories that respect rigorous European standards. Our product is cruelty free and is manufactured using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Furthermore, the packaging is biocompostable, made with 100% plant-based materials.

📩 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Customer satisfaction is Opus Ruri's priority. For any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of nutritionists and experts will offer you the best solution in the shortest time possible.

Maca and its properties.

The powder extract of Peruvian Maca it comes from a root of the plant of the Brassicaceae family.
It is considered a complete food, rich in essential amino acids, salts, vitamins, minerals, fibre, carbohydrates and fatty acids.
Regular intake of Peruvian Maca , improves the body's response to Stress physical and mental.

There Peruvian Maca has important properties energizing And invigorating . Maca helps increase muscle mass and tone and this makes it an excellent supplement for athletes and sportsmen and for those who want to improve their muscular structure.

Maca Extract it is rich in vitamins A, C, B complex, iron, zinc and calcium.
Promotes male and female fertility. Counteracts all flu symptoms such as colds, fever and cough. It has a balancing action on the entire hormonal system.


Peruvian Maca. The Benefits for Men.
The daily intake of Peruvian Maca it is important for man . It stimulates libido and can increase performance. An interesting study to read is titled " Lepidium meyenii (Maca) improved semen parameters in adult men ", and it appeared in the scientific journal Pubmed.

Peruvian Maca. The Benefits for Women.
In women , Peruvian Maca acts as a stimulant for the maturation of graff follicles and the enlargement of the endometrium.
It reduces pre-menstrual syndrome and is useful in case of dysmenorrhea (menstrual discomfort), regularizes the menstrual cycle.
Also indicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it has a remineralizing action. It also has natural energizing and stimulating effects for women.

Peruvian Maca. Special features of our supplement. A very concentrated extract!

Also in this case we wanted to offer the best product possible.
There are different concentrations on the market: there is the very normal powder which is basically the ground root reduced to powder and this is a simple food.
Then there are the supplements which are represented by extracts. In turn you can find different extracts 4:1, 10:1, 15:1. It means, for example in the first case (4:1) that 1 kg of Peruvian Maca Extract has been extracted from 4 kg of root.

Our extract is the best that can be found on the market: ours is a 20:1 extract. Therefore, to obtain just 1 kg of extract, 20 kg of maca root were used.
The higher the concentration, the greater the effectiveness of the product and the lower the daily quantity to be taken. Each of our Peruvian Maca vegetable capsules has 450 mg of pure extract which corresponds to 9000 mg (9 grams of Peruvian Maca).

" Peruvian Maca " is 100% natural, vegetable, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, magnesium-stearate-free, sugar-free, preservative-free or colouring-free, without added flavors and GMO-free (Non-transgenic). We couldn't do more ;-)
Warnings: Do not exceed the indicated daily dose.
Ingredients per daily dose (2 capsule): 900 mg of Maca (Lepidium Meyenii Walp) powder, ES Tit. 1% beta ecdysone. Vegetable Capsule.

Disclaimer: Our texts are for informational purposes, should not be understood as an indication of diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions and are not intended to replace in any way the opinion of the Doctor. Supplements are not intended as substitutes for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Read the warnings on the label.
✔️ Promotes both male and female fertility

✔️ Sexuality support

✔️ Invigorating and energizing action

✔️ Acts positively on the nervous system and strengthens the system

The axis adjustment activity hypothalamic-pituitary highlights it adaptogenic properties , which is particularly noticeable at the level of endocrine regulation, and therefore used in hormonal dysfunctions related to the sexual sphere , both masculine and feminine .

✔️ For Men : Aphrodisiac action, significantly improves male performance

✔️ For Women : Useful against menstrual discomfort , pre-menstrual syndrome and much more

The results are notable in terms of increasing libido and it has proven to be effective and safe in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and male impotence both pathological and physiological related to age.
Also in ovarian dysfunction, in the treatment of women's infertility It makes the maturation of the follicles and ovulation easier and promotes the implantation of the embryo.
Other properties of Maca are related to action anti-aging , maintaining good physical shape and mental clarity.

Two vegetable capsules of OR Peruvian Maca contain 900 mg of pure extract which corresponds to 18 grams of Maca root.
"Peruvian Maca" is 100% natural, vegetable, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, magnesium stearate-free, sugar-free, preservative-free or colouring-free, without added flavors and GMO-free (Non-transgenic).
Ingredients per daily dose (2 capsule): 900 mg of Maca (Lepidium Meyenii Walp) powder, ES Tit. 1% beta ecdysone,. Vegetable Capsule.
What are the benefits of Maca?
Maca is a superfood with incredible benefits: it increases strength, endurance, sports performance and libido. Furthermore, it helps our body adapt to stressful situations.
Who is this supplement intended for?
Maca is recommended for athletes and people who want to improve or increase energy and libido.
Is it an effective supplement?
Its composition based on superior quality ingredients and the high concentration of Maca make Peruvian Maca 150 Vegetable Capsules of 450 mg Extract 20:1 a highly effective and high-level supplement, ideal for increasing energy and libido.
What contraindications must be respected?
Maca has no contraindications, however it is recommended to take it with food if you suffer from gastritis.

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Maca Peruviana 150 Capsule Vegetali da 450 mg Estratto 20:1

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Maca Peruviana 150 Capsule Vegetali da 450 mg Estratto 20:1

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Aiuta , lo prendo da un po’ e ancora adesso . Il mio corpo non si stanca più così facilmente. Maxi confezione da 150 capsule. Insapore e questo mi aiuta ad assumerlo più facilmente.

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