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Anti-aging treatment kit

Anti-aging treatment kit

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Immediate and prolonged Anti-Age Treatment Kit for a lifting effect without a scalpel

  • Minimizes the signs of aging and fights wrinkles
  • Rebalancing the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid
  • Counteracts free radicals

"New frontier for skin longevity"

Passion and pioneering vision in the natural have always guided us in the search for bioenergetically active ingredients of medicinal plants to effectively stimulate the reactivity of the skin and its regeneration.

From the first few days, the skin appears brighter and more vital , more elastic and compact : it firms, tones, purifies. The action is not limited to the skin surface alone. The molecules of the phytocomplexes are able to penetrate deeply, also improving the functionality of the underlying tissues : reactivating the microcirculation without taking into account that, thanks to the action of the essential oils on the nervous system, a simple gesture of attention towards one's skin can transform into a real and its own well-being “therapy” for the psyche too.

Anti Age Face Cream by Opus Ruri is a Biomolecular cosmetic ideal for mature skin with 100% Natural components.

Ideal product to maintain and regenerate the freshness and beauty of the face, it prevents and fights the signs of aging , through the particular synergism of its constituents, exclusively natural and rigorously selected and controlled .


The natural synergism of its components makes this cream a treatment suitable for all skin types: it restores hydration to dehydrated skin, re-oxygenates asphyxiated skin, purifies seborrheic skin. Its antioxidant properties indicate it as an anti-wrinkle cream, the soothing active ingredients make it effective for sensitive and irritated skin. Protective and restorative of chapped lips , excellent in preparing the skin for sun exposure and as an after-sun.

The specificity for each skin type is expressed as follows:

Restoration of skin pH

the synergy of all the components has the property of rebalancing the chemical quality of the skin .

This is the first element, the basic one that this preparation aims to achieve. Unbalanced skin is fertile ground for all skin problems, from dehydration to diseases, up to premature senescence.

Dehydration and malnutrition

starting from the predominant component of aloe Vera gel, together with rose water and shea butter, the skin will receive the elements that will help it reduce dryness, flaking and redness characteristic of dehydration.

Seborrheic hypersecretion and acne

Mallow water as a purifier, Echinacea with a bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory and healing action and the essential oils of Grapefruit and Lemon as skin purifiers , reduce the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands , also lowering the bacterial load contained in it.

These active ingredients stimulate the skin's immune system, promoting the skin's autonomous ability to defend itself from the pathogens that cause acne.

Atony and wrinkles

Argan oil and Shea butter which induce an improvement in elasticity, Centella and Ginkgo Biloba which promote the regeneration of new cells, the essential oils of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Sweet Orange which stimulate the production of collagen , make these components are the ideal allies to combat skin senescence and wrinkles.

The skin will be more toned and turgid, more oxygenated and luminous .

Sensitivity and rosacea

Aloe Vera and the waters of Rose, Calendula, Mallow and Chamomile create a protective film on particularly irritable skin to reinforce its extremely fragile autogen.

This film, on skin that is generally overheated due to congestion of the microcirculation, slows down the evaporation of endogenous water, thus preventing dehydration.

Again, it prevents the rapid exfoliation of keratin cells, strengthening the skin's defenses .

Horse Chestnut and Butcher's Broom strengthen and protect the vascular walls , preventing redness and the formation of telangiectasias (dilated capillaries).


Daily treatment: Apply morning and evening to face and décolleté, after adequate cleansing with cleansing milk and rebalancing tonic.

The formulation does not include GMOs, products of animal origin, synthetic chemicals, added preservatives, petroleum derivatives, nano particles, dyes and perfumes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Silvia Pierrottet
Prodotti super naturali

Ottimo prodotto. Naturale. Contenuto ben chiaro. Prodotti un po' costosi ma la qualità è buona. Spedizione rapida.

Tonico Eccellente

Prodotti efficaci nell'uso quotidiano, naturali e vegetali...ottimi ,li ho consigliati ai miei clienti che soddisfatti fanno i complimenti ad Opus Ruri...Grazie da Marilù Naturopata Olistica

Sonia Malavolta

Buon prodotto, bella sensazione sulla pelle.. aspetto chiaramente di usare i prodotti per un certo periodo, per dire wualcosa sull efficacia.

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